[objectra] noun
Definition: Tailor made software, off-the-peg convenience.

Objectra is Software as a Service +

SaaS means Software as a Service, basically you select a web application that looks like it will meet your needs (typically they are designed to serve some specific function such as CRM, HR, Finance etc). You configure it for your specific company requirements, set up a monthly subscription and off you go. If you want changes to the core functionality, that’s too bad, you get what the SaaS vendor supplies. If you want to import legacy data, that’s generally your problem to deal with.

Objectra is SaaS+ with the “+” being a configuration service, to mould Objectra to meet your exact requirement.

SaaS+ means that … 

  1. You do not need to waste your valuable in-business time learning how to configure our product, Objectra is configured by experts that know exactly how to get the best from it
  2. You get a bespoke solution to meet your needs or to mirror an existing application
  3. We will import your legacy data as part of the service, so on go-live you have a fully configured and populated system
  4. If you want additions and changes down the line, that’s no problem!

Objectra is SaaS in that you need no hardware to run the solution and there is a monthly subscription to cover support and compute resources. However, unlike most SaaS offerings, you define Objectra’s capabilities to suit you, they are not dictated by the SaaS provider’s view of what your business might need.  

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