[objectra] noun
Definition: Tailor made software, off-the-peg convenience.

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Existing Database Application

Your existing app may be …

  • forcing you to maintain an expensive server when you want to move to the cloud. 
  • restricting access to your data to office-based staff during office hours, where as you really need access 24/7 from anywhere on the planet.   
  • “marooned” because an in-house developer has “moved-on”, leaving you with a system that you still absolutely depend upon but your requirements have changed and it needs to be modified. 
  • holding year’s worth of data that you need to move to a new system, but nothing you have seen will let you import your old data.

As long as there is an accessible data source, we can convert legacy systems into fully supported Objectra cloud app and provide new functionality along the way.

Because Objectra’s inherent strength is being able to mirror any data format, it makes importing existing data a breeze.

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