[objectra] noun
Definition: Tailor made software, off-the-peg convenience.

Our Story

Years of experience in developing bespoke database applications for SMEs has taught us all the pitfalls of requirement specification and the disadvantages of traditional hard coded development. This experience has led us to create a much better way, better for the client and better for us … Objectra.com

We know that, developing custom built software for your business is a significant challenge, for both you and your chosen developer.

Even if you can accurately define and clearly communicate your needs, they can change, frequently!

Typically, your developer delivers their "best guess" interpretation of your needs, followed by a lengthy process of changes and tweaks to finally arrive at the required solution. This makes the whole process Expensive, Time Consuming and Frustrating!

Years of butting heads with this painful process led us to create a much better way, better for you and better for us ... Objectra.com

Objectra simplifies database and related application design into 3 generic building blocks …

Objects, Relationships & Attributes - hence the name!

From these building blocks ANY data structure can be modelled

Objectra.Com links building blocks to business functionality, such as calendar, email, sms, mail merge, document storage, import, export and reporting.

So using Objectra.Com, we can deliver your custom-built business application quickly, efficiently and when your needs change or a gap in the original requirement specification is discovered, it can be changed effortlessly!

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