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Definition: Tailor made software, off-the-peg convenience.

Security and GDPR

Data security is finally getting the focus that it deserves. Legacy systems rarely recognised security as a priority.

The internet and remote access are a significant risk to data in your internal network. Almost all internal networks are vulnerable to attack. Storing sensitive data in Excel and Access files on your network is almost certainly not GDPR compliant.

Objectra is built and hosted to GDPR standards. It also helps you to address your GDPR obligations (like showing your customers what data you hold) out of the box!

Real World Situation: Keeping customer information on an Excel spreadsheet, stored on the hard drive of a laptop is pretty common place. This puts the data, and therefore your business, in a precarious situation with regards to GDPR! Data in Objectra is encrypted where it stored and when it is accessed (via the internet). All access requires two factor authentication, something the user knows (username and password) and something the user owns (an email account or mobile phone) - this makes Objectra the safer option for storing and accessing sensitive information.


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