[objectra] noun
Definition: Tailor made software, off-the-peg convenience.

Marooned systems

Over the years we have come across many systems that have been "marooned" because their in-house developer has "moved-on". The company is left with a system that they absolutely depend upon but their requirements have changed and it needs to be upgraded.

Generally, no-one will touch these marooned (aka undocumented, poorly designed, poorly built) systems with a barge pole (for good reason)!

As long as there is an accessible data source, we can convert such systems into fully supported Objectra cloud apps.

Real world situation: You had an employee, volunteer or contractor that was “good with IT” and built systems that your company is now dependant upon. Objectra can mimic the old application, absorb the data and provide a platform to build on.

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